Ricky Yazdani

President / Co-Founder

A highly experienced seasoned trained in all aspects of personal protection and conflict management skills.

A successful, versatile professional leader with over 25 years’ experience of combined team building and in diverse areas encompassing security Management, Risk Assessment, Executive Protection, Investigation & Incident control operational management, Internationally experienced Close Protection, Personal Security Services Operating across the Netherlands, United States, Europe, and the Middle East.


Key Skill:

– Instructor TAC 123456

-Basic & advanced executive/ close protection (roles & responsibilities) (CPO)

-Advanced executive/ close protection foot techniques & vehicle formations

– Advanced Covert Surveillance (ACS)

-Close protection & security operational planning

-Threat assessments & risk analysis

-Risk Management, conflict resolution & security policies

-Site surveys, security advances & route reconnaissance

-Close quarters combat (CQC) Krav Maga

-Close Quarter Battle (CQB) defensive shooting skills.

-Interpersonal skills & conflict management (realistic incidents)

-Advanced counteractions (team formations & vehicle movements)

-Advanced weapons training (pistols, carbines, rifles & shotguns)

-Protective services/ security detail (PSD) attack on client & evacuation live fire situations

-Security convoy (PSD), single & multiple ambushes live fire situations

-Weapons familiarization (pistols, rifles & shotguns

-Protective surveillance (protective security operations) (PSO)

– Executive Protection Driver

-First Aid


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