We achieve our goal by employing agents and specialists who truly enjoy working in security or protective services. Our personnel have experience of operating within the military and security services environment and posses the experience of working with some of the world’s most recognizable individuals, including presidents and royals. As a result, we have unprecedented contacts with security forces and diplomatic networks around the globe. We require a ‘high’ level of commitment of all our employees: fully trained and licensed security personnel. 

We do not have minimum hours of contract

Our aim to bring you the highest standard of security operatives to meet all your security requirements

We provide continuous, rigorous training for our supervisory staff and our security

Our Officers are professionally trained in first aid, threat and risk assessment, residential security, defensive and evasive driving skills, press liaison, as well as airport arrivals and departures to name only a snapshot of their training

Our Response Team

Our specialist response teams are available for external hire; they consist of experienced individuals trained extensively in personal intervention and are fully capable of handling any situation that may need immediate attention. They will ensure all problems are dealt with accordingly and in the safest manner to everyone involved. The Primary Objective of the I.P.S. Close Protection Unit is to achieve and maintain service excellence through the deployment of skilled operators who the majority stem from elite and specialised forces trained by government law enforcement agencies.

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