Special Event Security – Large Venue and Red Carpet Events

international Protection Services has years of experience in providing logistical support and protective security coverage for awards shows and special events, Red Carpet, Award Shows, Movie Sets, Martial Arts and Professional Sporting Events.
Our security team does an advance survey to become thoroughly familiar with the venue or locations of a public appearance, identifying the safest and most efficient foot-routes, vehicle staging areas, holding rooms, assigned tables, nearest medical assistance, etc.
Our clients are guided smoothly past and through the crowd of media, fans, and general confusion. We always make provisions for non-public routes in and out of events. With our advanced survey of the venue or site location, we can expedite the process of arrival and departure for our clients.

To ensure its successful delivery of these events, International Protection Services will assist you with entry control through to car park management, crowd control, incident control, dealing with acts of criminal damage and violence, and much more. International Protection Services will offer teams of qualified security officials to help you control your event easily, including standard of crowd management, access and egress control, theft prevention, and ensure the safety of your visitors.

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