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I.P.S. – Inspired, Flexible, Responsive, Ambitious


Why Choose International Protection Services?

Business continuity and risk management are major strategic issues for corporate and the public sector. A professional, dependable private security industry is needed to help protect people, businesses, property, assets, and operations. The private security industry has not always enjoyed a positive image, that’s why at I.P.S., we offer services that will be the right choice for your business, in collaboration with governmental bodies and the police.

We provide you and your organization the peace of mind that comes with stringently trained, regularly audited, and dedicated security operatives that have been working in the industry for years.

All of our employees are fully vetted and qualified before employment at I.P.S. Our highly trained team of door supervisors, close protection officers, and specialist consultants all hold relevant security qualifications and personal documents. Mission Statement / What We Stand for

I.P.S. – Inspired, Flexible, Responsive, Ambitious

We consistently seek to create strong partnerships with our clients, to continue innovation and excellence in providing you with the full range of security solutions that exceed your expectations.


We believe in:

Honesty, integrity, and confidentiality of our clients.

Produce a skilled security workforce.

Introduce and use modern and latest technological equipment.

Supply competent, disciplined, and professional security personnel to meet all types of security challenges.

Provide excellent customer service.

Operational Efficiency & Management System

Regular security situation analysis.

The rule of law and the principle of justice

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