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About us

International protection services prides itself on offering its customers the best Security and Facilities Management services on the market. Whether you are a large company or an individual, we can promise to fulfill any security need, both professionally and cost effectively, while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. These high quality services are achieved through maintaining high standards of conduct, stringent policies and procedures that are respected and followed by all company employees. Operating across the Netherlands, United States, Europe and the Middle East, I.P.S. works alongside many public sector organizations in order to provide our clients with a reliable and professional service, whilst targeting continual improvement. Our expanding portfolio, robust quality management, and perfecting of new and innovative security services offers our clients comfort in knowing that we genuinely care for their interests, while meeting all of their requirements, no matter how stringent.

We take great pride in providing a safe environment to our clients, by delivering a premium level of service that allows you to focus on your business without worrying about your security. I.P.S. is all about:

  • Protecting people and assets is our calling
  • Delivering on our commitments
  • Unsurpassed standards in customer service
  • Design, implementation and the maintenance of integrated security systems
  • Providing a full range of security services
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Clients & Partners

Soon be will be adding our portfolio and partnerships to our website. So keep in touch, or call us if you’d like to know who we are working with and who we are working for.


Our Response Team

Vice President, Security Business Unit.

Ricky Yazdani Vice President

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Our Service

We achieve our goal by employing agents and specialists who truly enjoy working in security or protective services.

Professional Close Protection & Bodyguard Services

Our VIP close protection officers provide a professional bodyguard service thereby safeguarding our clients from any possible risk or embarrassment to themselves, their family, friends, and colleagues, also protecting any valuable assets and property they may possess. Often referred to as bodyguards, they control and prevent any form of threat by due diligence and ongoing risk assessment, ensuring at all times that their client issafe. The client may choose from the following:

  • Individual Bodyguards, Close Protection Officer, VIP Protection Services, Several Close Protection Officers, including Bodyguards and Personal Escort Officers for short
  • Fully integrated Close Protection Service perhaps with Residential Security Teams, Security Drivers, Medical cover, Anti Surveillance and other specialist support
  • Travel advice and risk assessment, Worldwide site surveys
  • Luxury VIP (private) transport services / Chauffeurs trained in defensive driving techniques.
  • Kidnap & ransom response
  • All associated equipment

Our male and female highly trained close protection specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a professional, reliable, disciplined, dedicated and discrete service!

Professional Close Protection & Bodyguard Services

Reliable and Professional Security Services

Reliable and Professional Security Services

I.P.S. continues to be one of the most innovative and progressive security-led businesses in the world, with the comprehensive range of services helping blue chip organizations across three continents to better manage their security solutions. We offer a professional service to clients who wish to solve a variety of complex issues. We provide experienced security guards to protect your property, premises and valuable assets at all times. We supply and monitor our security staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also provide written site reports on a monthly basis.

VIP / Celebrity Security Services

I.P.S. offers a full range of VIP security services throughout the Netherlands and worldwide, providing discreet, absolutely reliable VIP security to clients in the business, media, sporting world, politicians and artists. Our high profile clients can have absolute confidence in our commitment to discretion and client confidentiality.

  • Our VIP security services are comprehensive and include traveling ahead to conduct threat analysis
  • We provide absolutely reliable VIP security services
  • We are able to provide VIP security services in the Netherlands and worldwide, through our business travel security services.
  • We provide overt protection, with a uniformed VIP security services team, or discrete surveillance.
  • We arrange the security of individuals and groups of individuals on tours,

VIP Celebrity Security Services

1-Events Red Carpet Security Services for the Entertainment Industry

Events / Red Carpet Security Services for the Entertainment Industry

I.P.S. specializes in security of the following special events:  private parties, indoor and outdoor sporting events, trade center exhibitions, music concerts and festivals, town and county shows, theatres and arenas and club member shows. To ensure its successful delivery of these events, I.P.S. will assist you with: entry control through to car park management, crowd control, incident control, dealing with acts of criminal damage and violence and much more.  I.P.S. will offer teams of qualified security officials to help you control your event easily, including standard of crowd management, access and egress control, theft prevention and ensure the safety of your visitors.

Travel Security Services

A relaxed attitude towards travel security could have disastrous consequences; therefore the aim of I.P.S. is to always provide detailed intelligence in advance of the journey as well as the stress free travel for our clients. I.P.S. will:

  • Set-up an initial consultancy meeting at which we will agree the best method of protecting the client
  • Employ experienced operatives to accompany clients for the duration of their journey
  • Provide a detailed in-country security briefing in written form or as a presentation
  • Offer a consultancy package covering all aspects of travel security and, if required, a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) or team, to accompany the client throughout their trip, anywhere in the world

Vip Travel

VIP Drivers Security Services 1

VIP Drivers Security Services

With I.P.S. you may be confident in the knowledge that our drivers are qualified to advanced driver training requirements, along with the necessary associated specialized skills. We transport you and your accompanying guests in one of our luxurious vehicles, which are boosting the utmost comfort and safety standards. Our VIP drivers are used to protect business leaders, celebrities and VIPs travelling from all around the world. They possess knowledge and expertise to help reduce the risk of potential hazards and vulnerabilities.

Our services: Security Driver / VIP Security Drivers  / Wide range of Executive and Luxury vehicles.

All our drivers are trained for: Route selection & planning / Mobile security & contingency planning / Multi car escort planning / Vehicle device search / Embus & Debus

Commercial Services Division & Retail 

Whether you’re facing problems such as gangs or organized crime infiltrating the retail environment, I.P.S. can help stop trouble before it arrives at your doorstep. Our mission is to protect your business and services from theft, disruption and vandalism from anyone who accesses your business. We at I.P.S. can offer you efficient security services that will meet your expectation through our highly trained, dedicated and trustworthy staff stationed at your preferred location, with its fundamental objective to monitor and act when goods and properties are at a potential risk. Our individually trained staff are well equipped to ensure that your retail store is theft free. I.P.S. will provide its clients with the following:

  • Specialist security officers for your store
  • Store Detectives
  • Working with external agencies
  • Tag checking and fire exits
  • Entrance greetings and information

3-Commercial Services Division & Retail

Nightclub Security Services

Events / Nightclub Security Services

Our professional Nightclub Security are not only there to deal quickly and effectively with any conflict in your venue but will also leave an excellent first, and last, impression of your brand on your customers and clients. Our highly experienced staffs are trained in both security measures and customer service skills, report writing, controlling entry and exit points, vetting and searching, crowd and queue management, safe ejections and all other door supervisor duties. I.P.S. will help you make your nightclub venue a successful and safe place!





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I.P.S., one of the most respected security companies in the Netherlands, is looking for highly motivated individuals who have a keen interest in a career in security and protection. We offer competitive wages, job satisfaction, and flexible scheduling. I.P.S. is committed to recruiting and retaining the best people. If you would like to be considered for employment with I.P.S., please send a current CV and a cover letter by email. Applicants must have worked in a similar environment.

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Our Security Training

I.P.S. offers a comprehensive range of training services in collaboration with:

International Security Academy (I.S.A.)

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Israeli Tactical School

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Impact Krav Maga Gironde

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Passion leads to design, design leads to performance, performance leads to success!

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